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Company Profile

Lean Ladies Boot Camp is the longest standing boot camp in the Park Cities of Dallas, Texas. A new and interesting workout session is offered each day to tone, shape, and strengthen the whole body. Increased: strength, cardiovascular health, endurance, flexibility, and overall well-being are benefits of this exercise program.

The Lean Ladies program is intended to introduce and solidify lifestyle changes. Our focus points of discovering greater physical health and personal growth, result in you having the energy and well-being to become a stronger presence for yourself and your community. Attending Lean Ladies Boot Camp can help add peace to your mornings and the rest of the day. You will find the elusive calm that comes from physical exertion and subsequent muscle regeneration. Capturing a sense of well-being will enhance all aspects of your life and promote the ability for positive in lieu of negative reactions to stress.

You have found the motivation, encouragement and guidance you seek! Whether it is a clear presence of mind, a relaxed demeanor, or simply having the quality of life and cardiac health to lavish yourself and loved ones, Lean Ladies Boot Camp offers the perfect catalyst for positive results from honest efforts.

Get healthy, lose inches, build lean muscle tissue, increase your metabolism, aquire more self-confidence, and love your workout with Lean Ladies Boot Camp. We look forward to our morning workout with you!!




Modified positions are always available for personal advantage or ease.